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  • Join Us For Potluck This Sunday @ 10:30 AM
  • Join Us Potluck This Sunday @ 10:30 AM
  • Join Us For Potluck This Sunday @ 10:30 AM

Hear Churches in San Antonio, TX About
The Movement Church

In the following videos, Pastor James Shupp shares his thoughts on
the vision and DNA of the Movement Church in San Antonio.

Of all the churches in San Antonio, the Movement Church is pretty unique. The most important thing to consider about us is that we meet in homes. If you've ever read the New Testament book of Acts, the fact that early Christianity began as a house church movement will not surprise you. We're a group of Christ-followers who love the Bible, discipleship, caring for each other's spiritual needs, and compassionate missional living. Our beliefs are evangelical and conservative, and our love for Jesus Christ—so very deep! We're always excited to welcome a new guest who wants to check us out, and delighted when you choose to stick around for a potluck meal afterwards. Bon Appétit!

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Movement Church

View Sunday's Bible Study for San Antonio (PDF): "Expecting God: How He Appears"
Previous Weeks: "The Full Armor of God" AND "Jesus And The Father"

San Antonio churches exist on just about every major highway, street, and intersection of our city. The choices seem unlimited. And yet, many Christians are fed up with the whole experience of church shopping and hopping. Many Believers are asking themselves some very personal questions, like: "Why do I dread attending church?" and "Why does my personal faith seem so irrelevant and stagnant?" "Have we built religious institutions that don't resemble the New Testament church?" Be so very careful here! These are the types of questions and ideas that spark revolutionary movements. Dare to ask yourself one final question, "Did the Holy Spirit lead me to this webpage?"

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Gathering each Sunday in House Churches in San Antonio, 10:30 AM.
Come and experience what Simple Church is all about.

We're a San Antonio church that's loving but uncompromising, especially when it comes to Biblical truth. We relate to people who shy away from the traditional click-to-copy, mega-big-box, stuck-in-the-mud way of doing things. That's simply not how we roll. We don't feel obligated to attend church. We're only interested in being the church. So if you're still curious, perhaps you're just like us—a little crazy. PTL, you'll fit right in! Look forward to meeting you soon. ~James Shupp

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